About Me

Elisa Soravia


My name is Elisa and I come from the beautiful Lake Constance.

Since the age of 6, movement has been a big part of my life. Dancing from an early age gave me a good sense of my own body.

Through my own experience, I also realized very early on that health means more than just creating a beautifully shaped body.

For this reason, as a coach, it’s always important for me to look not only at the physical aspects of a client but also at their mental health and well-being. Because often, the causes of physical complaints or weight issues lie in an unbalanced emotional state.

That’s why I follow a holistic approach in my work with clients.

Through balanced nutrition, regular exercise, mental health, and sufficient recovery, anyone can lead a healthy and fulfilled life and thus also look their best.

I can support you as an individual or as a company with employees, with individual and intensive care through coaching, personal training, workshops, and lectures on this topic, to lead a healthy and happy life.

Elisa Soravia



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