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Personal Training

The often insufficient care and mostly demotivating atmosphere in a gym are the most common reasons for a training program that is quickly abandoned, and for the resulting lack of success.

I will test your current state and create a plan for you on how you can achieve your personal goal. The personal training can take place at your home, outdoors, or even in the gym. I will adapt entirely to your wishes.

After 10 weeks of training, we will test your physical condition again to discuss how to proceed.

The personal training I offer also includes mental coaching. Therefore, I support my clients in sharpening their awareness of their inner needs and changing their thought patterns. We work on self-acceptance, to let go of negative thoughts and feelings and instead absorb positive thoughts and energy.

Finally, a holistic approach also encompasses spirituality and self-reflection. It is about making a connection to something greater and understanding oneself better.


Healthy nutrition is an important part of a holistic approach and encompasses a balanced and varied diet with sufficient nutrients and vitamins. It’s about supplying the body with enough energy while simultaneously preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Every person has an individual metabolism and digestion, so nutrition should always be tailored to the individual. I offer you consulting with subsequent support via WhatsApp, where you can ask me all your questions about nutrition. Through my coaching, you will receive an analysis of your nutritional situation, a detailed plan, and valuable tips that you can easily integrate into your daily life.

If you are interested in a one-time nutritional plan, then please write me an email and I will make you an individual offer.

Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness offers many advantages such as motivation through group cohesion, social interaction, and intense training under professional guidance. In this sense, Group Fitness is more than just an ordinary class; it’s a social experience. It provides an opportunity to keep one’s body fit, build a community, and have fun.

I am happy to offer courses for dance schools, fitness facilities, companies (both online and on-site in an office space), and various events.

Group Fitness classes are also a great tool for team bonding in a business. They foster team spirit and evoke a sense of belonging. Moreover, yoga and meditation help reduce stress and calm the mind.

Sports and Regeneration Massage

The Sports and Regeneration Massage is a special type of massage that is particularly popular among athletes. The goal of this massage is to release muscle tension and stiffness, stimulate metabolism, and improve circulation. This can speed up recovery after exercise sessions and prevent injuries.

Workshops and Lectures

Do you want to do something good for your employees as part of corporate health promotion? Then you are exactly right with me. I would be happy to come to your company (or online) and give lectures, prepare one or several day workshops on the topics of physical health, work-life balance, and mental health. I am also happy to customize the topic to suit your needs. I am also available as a guest lecturer in your educational institution to share my knowledge with others.

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